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A Sister's Love

This is a love letter from my sister. It was a wedding day surprise, read to me by my husband. It was the second sweetest memory from my wedding, the first being marrying the love of my life. I miss my sister. It's been six years since I last saw her. She was unable to make it to the wedding because a visa was not granted to her on time. Her absence at the wedding still saddens us but it was beyond our control. It's her birthday today so I am posting this in her honor. See her letter below.

Dear Anwuli,

I’m full of so much joy and happiness today. I feel like it is also my wedding day. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I am glad to know you are surrounded by many good people who have come from near and far to share in your joy. I could not be more proud of you. You know I have always been extremely proud of you but today, my pride rises to a whole new level.

As a child, I learnt so much from you. You taught me the importance of focus and hard work. I remember when we were younger and you made me that little gray gown from some leftover brocade material at home. I hope you can remember that gown because I still remember how amazed people were when Mummy told them you made the gown for me all by yourself with your needle and thread. You taught me to always aim for the best and not to settle for less. This is why I am certain Patrick isn’t just a very good man but he must also be one of the very best.

Though we are apart, you are always in my heart. Writing on our bed in our room, so many memories of you flood my mind. I remember the cooking journal you kept from watching BBC Food and the cooking experiments we always had whenever Mummy and Daddy travel. My favorite memory of you though comes from my early childhood when you’d say we should act like twins, and would pick out similar outfits for us. I remember we’d do everything together, including our chores, and our twinship wouldn’t see the end of the day because we’d always end up arguing. Our arguments though wouldn’t stop you from suggesting we be twins another day. Those are really happy memories of us together.

We might not be able to put on similar clothes and act like twins anymore but we will always be one at heart. You’re my one and only sister, the truest friend I will ever have. I love you with my whole being.

Today, as you get married, I ask the Holy Family of Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Joseph to watch over you and Patrick. May the joy you both feel today continue to exist between you two. May all your dreams as a family come true.

I love you both. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Your sister Awele,

With so much love on your Wedding Day

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Jan 21, 2019

Thanks Anwuli. Watching Tobe's video yesterday made me really happy. He's simply the cuteset. Love you all. As Tobe would say, Muaaaaah.


Apata Olaide
Apata Olaide
Jan 20, 2019 emotional.

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