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Diary 2020 - July to December, Settling into our New Home & Life in Northern California

So, here's me trying to catch up on my diary entries. I have never been much of a procrastinator but I guess I am settling into my life and, dare I say, starting to get a little lazy. I think this is okay. I am allowing myself to relax. It is healthy. But now, I have to catch up.

After our route 66 cross-country travel with a newborn and toddler, we arrived at our new home. It was so exciting to start a new life on a blank slate - new home, new baby, new job.

The first few days were spent shopping for essentials for the new house. We did drive with our 'essentials' in the RV but we quickly learned that 'essentials' on the RV were no match for a new house.

We set up Tobe's room with an air matress. I started almost daily trips to Pottery Barn and Homegoods. The baby's room was set with her little bassinet and toys were used the RV. After we learned that all Pottery Barn furniture would take at minimum 6 weeks to deliver, we visited at least 10 furniture stores in 2 day still we found one with a very comfortable sectional for the playroom/den area. It was delivered in just 4 days. We were so glad to have it after days of sitting on the floor.

Our favorite shopping trip was going to restoration hardware and picking out lighting for our new home and same day we finally decided on curtains for the living room. The Chandelier installation was a massive project! See video below.

The 2.5 months I had for my maternity leave went by so fast as we settled into our new home and taking care of the new baby and Tobe. I di undertake quite few furniture rehabilitation projects. Sometimes, the perfect piece sone that you renovate. I had a vision for Tobe's room to be very colorful and soon discovered that to achieve that look, I had to handprint his furniture pieces.

Soon we had been living in our new home for a few weeks and Tobe's birthday was just around the corner. We still had no furniture downstairs (Pottery Barn takes its time). We had a kitchen table downstairs but had the upstairs couch and TV set -up so it wasn't so bad. Things were sort of shaping up. Curtains and blinds were up after weeks of near blindness.

Tobe's Birtday was low key this year but still very sweet for us. It was lego themed. I sins have al my baking tool but managed to make something that loosely resembled a lego cake.

A week after Tobe's birthday was our anniversary. Our typical anniversary celebration usually involves a trip far away with just me and my husband, an annual retreat. This year, we kept it simple spending the day with the baby, we had a Bay Area and San Francisco date.

Not long after that trip, Tobe and Olona's rooms were done. Tobe like his big boy room. Before he got too excited, I let him know that when he gets more siblings in future, he would have to share. I personally believe that sharing living space is a big and important part of childhood, regardless of financials.

Olona's room was done too but she was able to contain her excitement. lol.

We celebrated my new job with a first time trip to Napa. This would be one of our many trips to the Napa Valley. For our first time, we stayed downtown. We explored the area, had some street tacos for lunch, dined at the Morimoto Restaurant for diner, strolled to desert at a chocolate shop.

Family time around the new house was priceless. Tobe enjoys fishing on the lake. It was better than living in a small oft apartment for sure, lol.

Soon it was time to get back to work. We were down to just one car so we decided to go car shopping.

I have always dreamt of having a black Mercedes sedan.

I knew that soon I would be able to get one but had no idea we would be deciding to buy one when we went car shopping.

Not only did I get my wish, I got a brand new one! And an E-class for that matter. My husband called it my graduation and new job gift. He said it was well deserved so I decided to stop feeling guilty.

So I put ion my big girl pants and owned my new car. I deserved it.

Before I knew it, Olona was just turning 3 months old.

Time flies.

Living close to the coast of California and San Francisco has its perks. There is so much to do and we try to take advantage of that. Below are some collages for fun family trips and outings close to home.

Lunch and Beach day in San Francisco

Bay Area

Beach Days at Santa Cruz


My 30th Birthday

I spent the day with my sweethearts in a little beach town of Benicia, CA. It was one of my best birthday memories. I felt so happy and content having my family, new dream job, our new home. I was feeling very lucky and thankful.

Soon most of the house ws close

Fall 2020

First fall season in our new home was special. I enjoyed decorating and preparing for thanksgiving. Picking out pumpkins to carve and all that good stuff.

Thanksgiving dinner

My favorite picks of the day's pictures.

Christmas Time

There was a time in my life where I transitioned from a child so excited for Christmas to a busy adult with no children. During that later part, living by myself and so far from my home in Nigeria, I forgot (just a little) what made Christmas so special. Now that I have my little family and our home, I got so excited again getting ready for Christmas.

By Christmas time, many of furniture pieces had arrived so downstairs was a lot more cozy than when we started.

We spent the last week of the year relaxing at home, being thankful for the busy year and looking forward to the adventures of the upcoming ring year. I am so thankful for all that we managed to do this year despite the pandemic. Many aspects of this year was muted ink the light of things and sometime I can't help but imagine how much better it could have been if not for COVID but honestly, I can't complain.

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