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February 0.5

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The majority of this part of the month was spent traveling. A 10 day break from winter, after all that snow we had at the end of January, was a treat.

Last Minute Prep:

Friday, the day before we traveled was hectic. I had to work late but managed to fit in an oil change and a Brazilian wax! it involved a lot of begging and phone calls. It’s unlike me to do things last minute but because of the snowstorm earlier that week, many businesses were closed Monday to Thursday.

Packing for the trip was easy thanks to my trusty packing lists for mamas and little tots. I encourage you to check them out. It made packing so easy. By Friday night night, I had all our belongings for the trip organized and ready to go. As a result, on Saturday I had extra time to straighten up and relax before leaving. Around noon, we were in the car and on our way to the Detroit, to catch our flight to Orlando.

Traveling family: With Kit Kat (Tobe's lovey) and Blanky (his favorite blanket) in tow, we explored 4 islands during our 10 day day trip. It involved car rides, bus rides, plane rides, and ship rides. Details, on my experience with travelling with a toddler, are coming in an upcoming blog post. (I think I see a potential title for that post - Planes, Ship, and Automobiles!

Although we had our challenges, I would say the trip went pretty well. There were a few incidents. One involved a toddler, an airplane above ground, and a disposable cup of pee. More details of this 'incident' will be in the 'Planes, Ship and Automobiles' blog post. Considering all the potential things that could go wrong on an extended trip with with a 2 year old, I think we came out unscathed.

Tobe can be a picky eater sometimes. He was particularly bad on the cruise portion of our trip. At one point, all I cared about was getting calories in him. He had a cold during the trip. I didn't want him getting worse from a lack of oral intake so, I let him have whatever he agreed to eat. This was not my proudest moment as a mom. I think he quickly caught on to my leniency so he took advantage of me. He ate a lot of cookies and ice-cream. I had to bribe him with ice cream a couple of times to get him to stop acting like an animal at dinner. We all have our shameful mom moments. Don't judge me.

Tobe loved living in a ship. He enjoyed meeting new people. He is not a shy child. This past couple of weeks, he learned to introduce himself, his dad, and me. It is so cute when he does this. He points to his dad and says 'dada' to me and says 'mama' and then to himself and says 'toto'.

On the cruise, he adapted to sleeping in our bed, although he prefers his crib. To put him to bed, we read a book as usual. In addition, we had to observe quiet time at 8 pm which often led to all three of us falling asleep. Needless to say, we had no adult time on this trip but it was an amazing family bonding time, away from the distractions of everyday life. A few times, I woke up after Tobe fell asleep. I would then wake my grouchy husband to watch a show with me. Naps were hit or miss. Once, he fell asleep in his stroller.

Tobe also learned to use the shower on our trip. It happened out of necessity as there was no tub in our cabin. He is usually scared of the shower but seemed to enjoy it on the cruise. We even had family showers! As far as being potty trained, I can proudly say that Tobe is officially a pro! He did not have any accidents on the trip and we only needed diapers at bedtime.

Places Visited:

I intend to write posts of each of the countries we visited but a quick summary is fitting here. Puerto Rico (San Juan) was so vibrant. It was my favorite of all our spots. St. Thomas was so relaxing, beautiful, and private. Turks and Caicos was emerald blue. Dominican Republic was an interesting experience that involved a $200 taxi ride. Yes, we were swindled in the stereotypical tourist fashion- more of this in my future post.

Home Again:

Coming back home to winter was sad, but we are fueled by the warm memories we made. These memories help me survive the rest of winter, which we take a break every winter. The rest of this past week, and this weekend, has been spent unpacking, getting back in the groove of everyday life, and pretty intense studying for me. I have my residency in-service exam in 2 weeks.

Valentine’s Day:

It was sweet and low-key for us his year. Patrick got me some beautiful Peruvian lilies and a symbolic card. I also got him a card and some local beer that he enjoys. We went out on a date although we were unable to leave for dinner till 9:45 pm because Tobe wouldn't go to bed! Kids....

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