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February 1.0 - A Supportive Husband and a Well Adjusted Toddler

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Time flies, I can’t believe it’s time for another biweekly review. Thanks for reading.

Apart from our vacation, the rest of February can be summarized as: work, study, repeat. I had my in-service exam this past Saturday so I had to seriously study over the past 2 months. My husband was such a good sport. I cannot imagine a better or more supportive partner. He did all he could to enable me have time to study. He paid extra attention to Tobe.

Let’s be real, no one is successful without the help of loved ones and friends. As a busy resident and mom, I am able to handle all the challenges this life has to offer because my husband is a tremendous help in every aspect of my and Tobe’s life. He is a such a champ. Being at home, alone with a toddler, for the majority of the day is no easy task. I see the tiredness in my husband’s eyes whenever I come home on days that Tobe refuses to nap.

And for a toddler, Tobe is so understanding. Can I really say that about a toddler? It’s probably more accurate to say that he has adapted well to my frequent absences for work. Whenever I say, ‘okay Baba, Mama has to go to work’, he gives me the sweetest kiss and hug, and off I go. Sometimes he says ‘no, sit down, cuddle’. But when I explain that I would be back soon, he says ‘ok’.

Although it is easier to leave when he isn’t crying, (he’s cried a few times), I often feel hurt that he doesn’t act upset. Lol. I feel sad that he is too accustomed to me leaving but I know that I should be thankful that he is well adjusted. I am sure I am not the only parent to feel this way.

These past few weeks of intense studying had me stressing over my free time. I may have been a little impatient with Tobe but kids are so forgiving. He stuck to my side, highlighting and scribbling over many pages of my book. My study buddy.

I was also on call for the past two weekends so our activities were limited to the Grand Rapids area. Sundays found us cuddling in the mornings and wandering the shops of the downtown market. Love's ice-cream shop is one of our favorite spots. In addition to their cool sign, they have interesting flavors. We tried rosewater pistachio this past weekend. I made it to ballet class two weeks in a row. Cheers to self care! I know you have heard it multiple times, but it really is key to your sanity, no matter how busy you are.

We celebrated the end of February, beginning of March, and most importantly, the completion of my test with a date night! Patrick and I definitely needed the time together without the toddler. We went to Stella’s in downtown Grand Rapids for drinks and ended with a night cap and a movie at home. Although difficult at times, we try to schedule date nights at least 2 times a month but we aim for weekly.

I am for sure looking forward to spring. It very much is still winter here, the ground still frozen. I’m excited for St. Patrick’s day. I have a special baking recipe, in its honor, to share with you later this week. Be sure to check back :)

Lessons learned this past couple of weeks:

1. Our success is strongly tied to our support system. I would not be who I am without my husband. It’s easy to take important people in our lives for granted. Make an effort to appreciate those whose contributions enable you to do whatever it is that you do.

2. Leaving your children to go to work is hard, but they love you and know that you love them. They are strong and adapt well. You are leaving to work for a good cause - whether it is saving lives, contributing to society, providing for the future of your family. So try not to feel guilty or sad. Easier said than done, I know.

3. Staying at home with kids is no walk in the park either. Sure, it is nice to be able to spend all that time with the kids but it sure is a lot of work with a whole different set of challenges.

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