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January 0.5 - Biweekly Update

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Bootlegger Ball, New Year 2019

This year has been special. I continued to work on something new - this blog, which I started in December of 2018. I started it in an effort to appreciate and share the little things that make life beautiful. Although, the biggest benefit I have gotten from doing this, is connecting on a deeper level with my sister. I have not seen her in 6 years. We have frequent phone conversations but, life and a 6 hour time difference, gets in the way. She told me that since I started this blog, she reads and looks forward to every post because all the details help her feel closer to me. Knowing this is enough reason to keep writing!

Getting this blog started has taken a lot more work than I anticipated and whenever I get busy with a new project, it comes with a lot of guilt. It feels like anytime I do something for myself, Tobe has to sacrifice valuable time with me. I try to compensate but something else suffers for example - my workout time, or time with my husband. But having this blog has given me a sense of joy and achievement and I love it! I have always loved keeping a diary and this has taken it to the next level. These bi-monthly reviews feels like organizing my memories and I'm OCD for organization.

0.5 Anniversary date

The new year started with a bang! Patrick and I went to a New Year's Eve party at Rockwell Republic here in Grand Rapids. It was 1920's themed. I loved the opportunity to dress up like a flapper. Whenever I am able to be a flapper - I do it. As this is my first mid month review, I'm including events from a few days before the new year. Patrick and I celebrated our 6 months of marriage by going on a casual date to the new Cuban restaurant in East Grand Rapids - Danzon Cubano. The food was excellent. We had the Mariscos Paella, Spicy Oxtail Stew and Cuba Libre for drinks. We have also been doing better at date nights. We went back to Rockwell Republic on a date a week after the 1920s party.

We also went out to dinner with my brother, at the downtown GR Sundance bar and grill. It was a few days before we took him back to college for the new semester. I was able to attend my ballet class on the 7th. That evening was very warm so I walked to class. I always feel so healthy and accomplished after ballet. This class was taught by the second highest ranking ballerina of the Grand Rapids ballet because our regular instructor was unavailable. She was great.

A warm winter night

We have enjoyed the past couple of weekends because we have not traveled as much as we usually do. I love our routine when we stay home. On Friday evenings we grocery shop at the big suburban stores (Walmart, Target), for items that are more expensive or unavailable at our downtown grocery store. After shopping, we usually stop for dinner at local restaurants or Steak 'n Shake. Tobe loves Steak 'n Shake. On Saturdays I get my cuddle time with Tobe, then Patrick and I bake. This past Saturday morning, I had a nice downtown bus ride and coffee shop date and bus ride with Tobe. One of Tobe's favorite thing to do is to ride the bus. Living downtown, the shuttle runs every 8 mins - very convenient. We also explored the halls of the Grand Hotel and the river walk.

Cuddles with Tobe

On Sundays, we relax. I was on call for one weekend so we just worked our activities around my calls and trips to the hospital. Every Sunday, we do a trip to Bridge Street Market which is our neighborhood grocery store. This has taken the place of our usual Sunday morning walk because it has been so cold lately. This past Sunday we also went to the downtown market, Tobe looked for Santa Claus but he was no longer at his usual spot - a true sign that Christmas was over :( We had some tacos, popcorn, and beef pho.

Downtown Market

I started a new rotation - head and neck surgery. I'm learning more about managing head and neck cancer patients. It is pretty serious with sicker patients and even later days, but I'm learning valuable skills and enjoying it. My half month ended with a journal club meeting, held at the downtown Ruth Chris' steak house. I rocked my red pumps to this meeting. Why not? It was after office hours!

My lesson/improvement point this half month is - I will not let new projects or hobbies get in the way of my healthy habits, or valuable time with Tobe. It is a work in progress but I have seen significant improvement in this past week, now that my blog is up and running.

I am looking forward to our upcoming trip to the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Dominican republic. Although this is not our first vacation with Tobe, its our first one, out of the country, with him. I can't wait to share stories from our trips and tips on prepping for an international vacation with a toddler.

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