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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

A Series of Unfortunate Infections

These past two weeks have not been the most glamorous. There is no cute way to put this. It started out with a week of illness. First, Tobe had a one day fever/cold. Then, my husband, Patrick caught the flu which made for a long tedious weekend trying to take care of him while handling Tobe who decided to be a difficult toddler at an inconvenient time. He was so naughty. He threw a huge fit at the grocery store that I had to abandon a grocery cart full of food to take him home. When we got home he decided to have sprinkles for lunch.

With my weekdays taken up with work responsibilities, weekends that I am not on call are extra special to us so it was a bummer having to waste one being sick. After a though weekend, the following week seemed to drag on forever and Tobe got sick again! I promise this isn't normal for my family. I was on call the following weekend and then I also got sick - same thing Patrick had.

Yeah. It was not fun worrying about my pager and hoping to not to get called in while ill. Hopefully I didn't have to go in (miracles do happen.)


So after the illness marathon, we got snowed in. It was the most serious snow storm I have experienced since I moved to Grand Rapids. We got about 15 to 20 inches. It was so bad that non emergent appointments were cancelled at the hospital, which made for a light work week. Businesses were closed, the roads were unusable. People in Michigan have a high tolerance for snow but this was a lot to handle. On the positive side of things, I took the opportunity to catch up on my studying and my to-do list, in preparation for my week off work. I studied over 900 pages in a week! Probably a record for me. My incentives for getting so much studying done were my upcoming exams (in about a month)and knowing that I have all of next week off for our vacation. Tobe loved the snow. Somehow he knew how to make snow angels. He enjoys lying in the snow and carrying some upstairs to our loft for play. He always gets so sad when it melts. Lol

Happy Birthday Patrick

Patrick has been very supportive. My crazy hectic life is made possible by his sacrifices. For example - with the snow storm this past week, our Nanny was unable to work. He had to stay home to conduct his business. It was very inconvenient for him but he did this so that I didn't have to miss work. He always prioritizes my education as a resident over his needs. I love him. I can't imagine a better husband.

We celebrated his birthday this year by having some drinks at home and pizza. We didn't go out partly because of the snow storm and also because we have many dinners planned during our vacation next week. I got him a stainless steel stove top pop corn maker. It was what he wanted, being a popcorn addict.


1. I attended my ballet class

2. Flexibility improved - I have almost gotten my splits. I'm getting very close to the ground

3. Patrick taught Tobe to pee standing up - I'm not sure this is a win. He sprays pee all over which makes for extra cleaning but it's hilarious watching him try to pee like dad.

4. Finished my ENT review book

5. New Learning - Uninstalled and Installed my toilet to remove a toy clog caused by Tobe.

6. I got new glasses.

I have a feeling next bi-monthly is going to be more interesting! Stay tuned for stories from our eastern Caribbean tour!

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