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Nantucket - A Beautiful and Relaxing Honeymoon in Wauwinet

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Choosing to honeymoon in Nantucket was so easy. our trio was in the summer of 2018) so we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We decided to visit somewhere that we wouldn't want to visit in the winter. On Brides website, I discovered a list of the best honeymoon hotels/locations in the United States. Nantucket and The Wauwinet were on that list. And who doesn’t want to visit Nantucket? I just love saying Nantucket.

The Wauwinet, located in Wauwinet, Nantucket, is a lovely luxury inn by the sea. It was a dream to stay here. It was dripping in Nantucket charm. I loved the decor of the rooms. Everything about it was cozy, dreamy and beautiful. It was on an isolated part of Nantucket Island, about a 10 mile drive out of town. The Wauwinet was nestled between a quiet private Atlantic beach and Nantucket bay. It was truly the perfect honeymoon spot. There were only a handful of guests and the staff were very personal and genuinely got to know you and care about the guests.

I love the view of the Nantucket bay and the grounds from out our window. In our room, we were greeted with a sweet hand written note, from the manager, and chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, and assorted nuts from the hotel staff. We were greeted by beautiful views of the grounds and the bay from our windows. After freshening up, we got ready for dinner.

Dinner at Toppers

One of the many perks of staying at the Wauwinet was dining at Toppers, the in-house restaurant. It is an award-winning restaurant, Zagat rated. It serves over 1,450 wines and has repeatedly been awarded the prestigious Wine Spectator Grand Award. We dined here for our first night in Nantucket.It was our favorite dining experience in Nantucket. We also got special treatment because it was our anniversary.

Breakfast in bed, Easy Goings, Massage at White Elephant

I woke up very early to go to the bathroom and watched my husband sleep so peacefully. I thought it was beautiful so I took this picture. Hey, don't judge me, I just got married.

The next morning, after a lazy wake up, we ordered breakfast to be brought up to our room. It was a delicious spread also catered by toppers. After a hearty meal, we treated ourselves to a couples massage at the White Elephant, a sister hotel of the Wauwinet. It was divine.

Exploring - Shopping, Lunches, Sight-seeing

We spent a lot of our free time exploring the beautiful downtown area of Nantucket. We walked around, did some shopping and sight seeing. The downtown area of Nantucket is so beautiful with lots of cute little shops. Patrick and I did some shopping on every trip into town. I got one of my favorite sweaters from Annie and the Tees. It has Nantucket written on it. Nantucket may be my favorite place in the world.

I stopped at a bookstore, Mitchell's Book Corner and picked up a Helen Hilderbrand book, in addition to the one that I was already reading. In preparation for our trip, I had gotten one from the library back home. These books, by the author who lives in Nantucket, are a locals' favorite. They are just fun easy reads that you really can get into when you are staying on Nantucket.

There is an abundance of great food in Nantucket. Most restaurants require a reservation, weeks ahead of time, for dinner. For lunch, we just stopped at wherever looked good to us at the time.

A few of the restaurants we had lunch at include: the Tavern at Harbor Square, Brotherhood of Thieves, and The Rose and Crown. At the Tavern, we had the best fried seafood platter. It out shined any fried seafood I have ever had. Freshness has a lot to do with the taste of seafood.

When in Nantucket, getting ice-cream from The Juice Bar is a must. It was one of the best ice cream I have had. Visiting and grabbing lunch at Millie's is also a must. It's a locals' favorite and there is a great beach close by. I also made sure to have a Nantucket Nectar juice while in Nantucket. I know its silly, they aren't even made or bottled in Nantucket, but I just had to do this. Scroll through the gallery above for some silly pictures.

Company of the Cauldron

Our second dinner date was at Company of the Cauldron. We were so excited to visit this restaurant by Michelin star chef Joseph Keller and his culinary team. It was an extraordinary dining experience.

They have a changing menu every night, in a classic prix fixe format. The chef is known for using French technique and fresh farm-to-table ingredients. On our date there, the main course was lobster. It was amazing food.

Our primary goal on our honeymoon was relaxation and amazing food. This definitely hit the spot. After dinner and a stroll downtown, we went back to the waiwunet and snuggled up to a movie. Warm buttery popcorn was delivered to our room.

A trip to Cisco Brewery

On one of our afternoons, from Nantucket’s downtown, we took a shuttle to Cisco Brewing Company. Here, Patrick sampled some beer. I got some really good frose. We also had some oysters here and listened to some good live music.

Lounging, Sunset, and Lobster Broil

One evening after getting back into town, we decided on a laid back dinner date. We spent that evening enjoying the grounds and watching the sunset on Wauwinet’s lawn. My appetite for lobster is insatiable, so we decided to have some more for dinner by ordering a Lobster Broil.

One of the best features of the wauwinet is this lawn. After devouring some lobsters with our bare hands, we spent some quiet time people watching, bay watching and enjoying the sunset.

If you are ever in Nantucket, it is worth the trip to The Wauwinet to spend the evening watching the sunset and maybe even getting dinner at Toppers.

Exploring Waiwunet

Our hotel, The Wauwinet, is located in Wauwinet, Nantucket. We loved the solitude in Wauwinet. We spent a whole day and some afternoons relaxing and exploring Wauwinet. We did a canoe trip on the bay, collecting shells and seeing the bottom. There was an expanse of private beaches and protected reserves to explore. We parked our canoes and wandered on foot.

We also spent some time on the beach, Atlantic side. We attempted a trip to Brant Point Lighthouse but it was not open season for the lighthouse during our trip. I recommend visiting this lighthouse especially if staying in Wauwinet. A couple of afternoons was spent reading on the lawn. I fell asleep on the lawn a few times.

The Wauwinet Lady

Guests at the Wauwinet can be taken into town via boat, the Wauwinet Lady. Patrick and I rode it a couple of times. My favorite part of this ride was the scenic views especially while arriving at the harbor in Nantucket.

Sunset Sail and Dinner at the Galley Beach Restaurant

Our last night on Nantucket deserved a finale. We began our evening with a Sunset Sail. It was my first time on a sail boat. We had some champagne and enjoyed the views.

The Galley Beach restaurant has one of the best dining views on Nantucket. The food is great too with a good wine list. There are so many great restaurants in Nantucket and this one is sure to impress.

Overall Impression

I am so happy we honeymooned in Nantucket. I highly recommend a visit to this charming place. It’s my favorite place in the United States. And because of all the newly wed memories made there, it may be my favorite place in the world.

We plan to return many, many times. It would be a dream come true to own a home there. It will always be a special place to us. But until then, we'll visit the inn by the sea whenever we are able to.

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