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Stylish Mama's Tropical Vacation Packing List

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

I am looking forward to our upcoming trip to the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas), Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Grand Turk, but packing for a vacation seems the most difficult aspect of the whole thing.

I have googled multiple packing lists but never found one complete, yet concise enough to help me get organised for a 1-2 week long tropical vacation, so I made one! This works whether you are getting away from the kids or taking them along. It has just enough for multiple outfits each day but not over pack. Everything fits in one checked suitcase. You are on vacation with lots to do and no time for laundry. If you have a toddler with you, it will get messy and you will need to change clothes. If no kids, even better, enjoy wearing multiple outfits for all the stops on your itinerary. I wear items from this list for the trip to my destination. This makes my suitcase a little lighter.

Hope you find this helpful. Happy packing!

Clothing List:

6 swimsuits 5 Swim cover ups (I suggest a pair of stylish sheer or linen pants, a kaftan style, a kimono style, 2 scarves) Jean shorts (You can pair them with t-shirt for day wear or wear with your bathing suit)

6 Tops (includes blouses and t-shirts)

1 light sweater

1 White sundress 1 Maxi dress 2 Playful rompers or sundresses 1 Matching top and bottom summer outfit Jean jacket 1 White jumpsuit 1 light jacket White jeans Black jeans Blue jeans 2 pair of shorts 2 Skirts

4 dressy outfits for dinner/date nights

2 yoga outfit sets 1 pair of running shorts and t-shirt 2 sport bras 1 sweatshirt 4 sets of pajamas (shorts are great in the summer) 3 sets sexy lingerie

1 light robe 4 Bras (must include a black strapless bra)

Panties (Include a few thongs) 7 pairs of socks

Shoes: White leather sandals Black/brown/tan leather sandals Rubber flip flops

1 pair of stylish wedges

Black stylish shoes/sandals for evening outfits

Running shoes


Pearl earrings and necklace

Silver earrings and matching necklace

Gold dangles

Hoop earrings


Beach bag Black side strap bag - very versatile Clutch for evening outfits


Hair ties

Hair brush


2 Beach Towels (optional)



Camera (optional)



Contact lens solution

Contacts and eyeglasses

Shampoo and conditioner (optional)

Bath soap (optional)

Body Lotion(optional)

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Feminine hygiene products

Shaving supplies


Important Stuff:


Driver's License


Credit/Debit cards

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