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Stylish Mama's Work Trip Packing List - 1 Week, 1 Small Carry-On

For trips, travelling light is essential. It saves you the cost of a checked bag; it increases your mobility - you can easily dash from gate to gate at the airport and you don't have to wait for your bags at your destination, enabling you to be more efficient with you time.

I love a good packing list. I can be guilty of over packing which is why I made this list. There was good response from my other packing lists so I decided to upload this one. It takes the overthinking out of packing because you know you'll have all you need if you follow this list. I never run out of clothes and even have about 4 clean outfits when I return after a week's trip.

My carry-on is small, lightweight and great quality; I love it. As you can see from the picture, it is not that much bigger than my purse but I am able to fit everything on this list into my carry-on. Owning a small carry-on like this one forced me to streamline packing for work trips.

Items with the asterisk, I suggest wearing on your trip to save space in your carry-on. Within the list, I have linked a few products I own, use, and recommend.

You can find my other packing lists here: Stylish Mama's Tropical Vacation Packing List and The Only Packing List You Will Need for a Tropical Vacation With Your Toddler.

Stylish Mama's Work Trip Packing List - 1 Week, 1 Small Carry-On

Sweater/jacket to stay warm* Scarf for warmth and fashion* Ankle boots* Blue jean pants * Long sleeve top* Blazer 4 work blouses 2 casual tops Midi Skirt Stylish black top or leotard

Black jean pants

Black work pants Light windbreaker

Button up sweater top Day dress/sundress (can be work to work event with blazer than transitioned to explore town)

Stylish dress (can be worn with the blazer for a professional look and transitioned evening) 2 pairs of scrubs (If in the medical field, your destination hospital should have scrubs but have these just in case)

2 yoga pants

1 running shorts 1 bathing suit 2 workout tops 2 black tank tops or camisoles 2 comfy pajama bottoms

2 pajama tops 2 T-shirts 2 sports bras

Black strapless bra

1 everyday bra in addition to the one you wear on the trip

12-14 pairs of underwear

5 pairs of regular socks

2 pairs of dress socks

4 pair no show socks

Black flats Black pumps Running shoes

Hair tools/accessories (flat iron, comb, hair ties)

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Feminine hygiene products

Shaving supplies


Driver's License


Credit/Debit cards


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