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The Only Packing List You Will Need for a Tropical Vacation With Your Toddler

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

As I promised, here is my list for a week long vacation with a toddler. I finally got to packing for Tobe today in preparing for our upcoming trip to the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas), Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Grand Turk. This list should work for all toddlers, potty trained or not. Tobe is now two and potty trained (a little older than the picture above). You can just skip the underpants and training diapers if it doesn‘t apply - just take as many diapers as you would need for a week at home and a few extra. For potty trained toddlers, I suggest that for your outings while on vacation, you have him/her in training diapers to reduce accidents and ruining outfits while you are away from your laundry facilities. While in your hotel room/temporary accommodation, you can have your potty trained toddler in underpants. You can substitute cute overalls for any of the bottoms listed below.


4 bathing suit sets with rash guard

14 underpants (optional)

7 sets of complementing or matching tops and bottoms (shorts or skirts) 4 nice t-shirts (can pair with jeans or shorts/skirts from the above sets for a different look) 4 t-shirts for back-up

4 pants, skirts, or shorts for back-up 4 washable swim diapers or disposables if you prefer 7 pajama sets 1 set of nice outing outfit or dress 4 nice outing shirts/tops 2 pair of blue jeans 2 pair of outing pants/skirts 1 vest to make an outfit dressier (suspenders, a tu-tu, or other fun ideas welcome here) 6 undershirts 8 pairs of socks (I suggest 2 heavy pairs for the trip to an fro, and 6 lighter ones) Windbreaker jacket 2 hoodies

Fleece jacket 2 fleece pants ( 1 for return travel and 1 backup in carry-on)

2 long sleeve top (same reasons as above) 1 travel outfit (for your trip to the airport)


Tennis shoes

Flip flops

Dress shoes

Hygiene: Tooth brush and tooth paste Diapers (1 pack training diapers and 1 pack regular) Sunscreen Comfort blanket and 1 extra blanket Backpack/diaper bag Disinfectant hand gel No-string shampoo and wash Hairbrush Wipes


Toys and books Snacks Light weight stroller Car seat (may be provided by company) Tape for make-shift child proofing (Cover socket holes and keep cabinets closed) Lightweight feeding utensil (small bowl and spoon) Water cup and bottle Wipe-able bib (or use napkins, wipes or remove your toddler's top for a messy meal) Special toy/lovey

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