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'Together with Justin Time' Themed Birthday Party.

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

In his third year, Tobe was all about the adventures on Justin Time. He was always talking about Justin, Squidgy, and Olive. He enjoyed watching the show and going on pretend adventures with them during playtime. Tobe also loves boats, especially Tugboats. His favorite episode was the tugboat one so, it was very easy picking a Justin Time theme for his party. The pictures on the poster is from the Tugboat episode.

I truly enjoy planning these themed parties for Tobe. Except for his second birthday, his birthdays have been about shows that are not mainstream hence, without ready-to-buy merchandise. His first birthday was Puffin Rock themed, and his second birthday was Curious George themed. You can read about how I had to get creative to plan them with the links above.

I always have fun making up a name for the venue of his parties. This year, the venue was on his imaginary Tugboat anchored in the lake on his Grand Parents' farm. Invites were easy to design and send online as I do every year.

For colors we went with teal, green, and clear, to give the ocean/sailing vibe and yellow for squidgy. I really wanted to do a balloon arch. It was pretty easy to do with just different sized and colored balloons, some balloon strip, and tape.

I also designed a custom poster that I ordered and printed online. I purchased a poster frame to add some substance to it.

This year, I baked all the treats including the birthday cake! I figured I should since I have a baking blog. I did a rich chocolate cake with buttercream frosting in his party colors.

I also baked some chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate macarons, and vanilla cupcakes also frosted in his party colors.

The party favors were popcorn in yellow baggies because popcorn is Tobe's favorite snack. The kids enjoyed all the treats. Together with the ballon arch and poster, the desert table was the focal point of the party.

Pizza and Salad was the main course. I kept it simple there. I was able to complete all the prep by starting a day early. All the baked goods were completed the day before. The cupcakes and cake were frosted and left in the fridge. The macarons were also stored in the fridge. I also made the balloon arch the day before, after Tobe was in bed so that he could still be surprised.

After getting Tobe ready for his party, I sent him and his dad away while I put up the decorations so he was very surprised and happy when he retuned and saw his party. He was so happy to see Justin and Squidgy on the poster.

He had a blast playing with his cousins and friends, eating chocolate cake and mint macarons. It was a good day and I am already looking forward to planning his next party!

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