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Tobe's 2nd Birthday Adventure with Curious George

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Tobe, his dad, and I have watched every episode of Curious George at least five times. No kidding. After the puffin rock phase, came the Curious George phase, so it was quite easy picking a theme for his second birthday.

I went the easy route this time. I bought this party pack online with curious George merchandise. There were plates and cups, decorations, table covers, napkins, etc. it was like a party in a bag! I highly recommend it.

This birthday party was just a week before my wedding so I had a lot going on, in addition to being a busy resident physician. I was so thankful that the theme didn’t require customizing or designing merchandise like we had to do for his Puffin Rock themed birthday party which you can read about here.

We had wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and my parents made some Nigerian Jollof rice and chicken. As usual, lots of candy, party snacks, and ice-cream. We had lemonade for the kids, wine and beer for the adults. His cake was from Connie’s cakes in Grand Rapids. She makes all our cakes including for our wedding and his first birthday cake.

We really enjoyed having my parents at this party because they weren’t able to attend his first birthday party.

The highlight of the day was Tobe seeing his dad dressed as The Man in the Yellow Hat. Tobe, who at that time was always pretending to be George, was so pleased to see The Man in the Yellow Hat. Very appropriately, I was dressed as professor wiseman. I donned a freshly cleaned white coat from work.

If you read my blog, you know that I love planning detail oriented parties. But sometimes it is okay to relax, get a party pack, and don't over think it.

Like last time, a video of the birthday song as documented by my sweet brother.

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