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Hi! I'm Anwuli

I love being a mom, a wife, and a surgeon. I am originally from Nigeria but I emigrated to the united states over a decade ago. I have lived in many states due to the frequent moves that can be associated with medical training. I currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my husband and son.

My hobbies include traveling, baking, painting, and ballet. I love flowers especially peonies. I love spending time with my son and husband. I started this blog in 2018 as a way to continue to encourage myself to find balance in my lifestyle. I am lucky to be given such important roles in my life, although sometimes, it can be challenging to give appropriately to every aspect. I hope that by sharing my stories, tips, recipes, and pictures with you, I can be a small source of inspiration or courage to find beauty in everyday hectic life. Let's live chat! Or send me a message, I would love to learn from everyone who visits my blog. Sharing makes us stronger.

New posts every week! Subscribe to get publication notifications. On Mondays I post life, parenting, or travel stories and most Thursdays are for recipe posts.


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Photo by Kelly Sweet

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